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This initiative is similar to that of the Organ Donor program, which is administered by most licensing offices in the USA.

The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) was established as a FREE tool for daily emergencies and national disasters. NOKR is an emergency contact system to help if you or your family member is missing, injured or deceased. NOKR provides the public a free proactive service to store emergency contacts, next of kin and vital medical information that would be critical to emergency response agencies. Stored information is only accessible via a secure area that is only accessible by emergency public trust agencies that have registered with NOKR.

NOKR is a non-partisan; non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to bridging rapid emergency contact information. NOKR was established in January 2004, for daily emergency situations.

To provide the option at all Department Of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices nationwide, to have a decal or image placed on your state issued drivers licenses or Identification card showing your next of kin / emergency point of contact is registered with NOKR. See the samples below.

We are also suggesting that motor vehicle licensing offices print information about the FREE NOKR resource in their state driverís license handbook. Any individual applying for a state issued Identification card or drivers license would have the option of completing a short registration form, indicating who their emergency point of  contact would be, in the event of critical need nationally.

NOKR is a public service tool for both citizens and emergency agencies. NOKR is a facilitating tool for those who cannot directly speak to emergency personal.  (PUBLIC>NOKR<agencies)

This proposed initiative would cover all US States

The NOKR collection form, which folds in the middle and seals, would be mailed in to the NOKR or could be batched mailed from the Motor Vehicles office(s) (DMV). This form would also have a small sticker decal as seen above that could be placed on the individualís identification card, driverís license or passport and affixed to either the front or backside.
Once forms are received from the individual via mail or DMV offices this information is entered into the National Registry and archived. The individuals emergency contact information is only available to registered Local and State Emergency Agencies working in an official capacity, attempting to locate a next of kin or emergency point of contact.

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